From the dungeons of the 1980’s Cathay De Grande to your backdoor!

Just four “Valley” skate rats with the love of punkmusic.

“Musically comparable to Black Flag, DRI (no later than the second album) and “Animosity” era COC; Main songwriter/guitar player Nestor FINGERPICKS a Dan Armstrong?!

If you like the stuff I just mentioned, you should like FE ~Brian Walsby-Celebrated Punk Author/Illustrator

Early 80's members were:
Trey * Guitar
Jon P * Vocals               
Dave M * Bass
Matt C * Drums                          
Other members include:
Matt Nestor * Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Plummer * Bass
Bob Davis * Guitar
Ron Cerro * Guitar
Mike Harder * Guitar
Tony Pollermo * Drums

​2017 Lineup

Matt. C < drums
Matt. N < guitar
Steve B < bass
Jon < voice
Bob R< guitar